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Stains are unsightly, especially when they decide to show up in your pool.  There are many different types of stains.  Therefore, I will try to touch on the ones that are most commonly seen.

Dirt Stains:  Looks like a brown stain.  If caught early, it can be brushed away.  If not, a special treatment (which is talked about later), can be done to help remove it.  It is caused by dirt in the pool and suntan oils that bathers use.

Copper/Iron Stains:  These are metals that are naturally present in any water supply.  Some are so small your filter can't filter them out.  The copper gives off a blue to gray color where the iron looks reddish-orange when they accumulate in the pool over a period of time.  At some unpredictable point, these dissolved solid molecules of metal will separate themselves from the air and water molecules, hence being in the presence of chlorinated water, these molecules will oxidize (rust) and present themselves as a stain in the pool.

By using a "sequestering agent" this will help minimize the staining. The sequestering agent acts like a liquid  magnet that attracts the metals together, making them bigger, so your filter can remove them, thus minimizing the possibility of staining.  If interested in this treatment please call the office.   Note:  We do have a treatment available, which will be discussed shortly, that can aid in the removal of existing stains.

Fertilizer Stains:  Looks like spots of rust in your pool.   It cannot be brushed off.  The only ways to rid yourself of this type of stain is to either use a mild abrasive sandpaper and scour the stain until it is gone or have the pool acid washed.  (Be extremely careful when applying chemicals to your lawn.) 

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